Lucky 3 Penguins Slot game

On April 12, 2013

Lucky 3 Penguins – our famous video slot game has now a version 2.0!

Lucky 3 penguins slot game is here! The team of O.K. Productions Ltd., is happy to present one of our best quality designs for video slot games!
Character design, backgrounds, FX and animations are commissioned work for casino manufacturer Casino Technology Inc.

Lucky 3 Penguins is a totally exciting video slot game with amazing graphics and animation content.

The gaming project perfectly combines original 2D and 3D characters modelling & animation.
Rich motion graphics and attractive modern design are brought together for ultimate user experience.

Lucky 3 Penguins Video Slot Game Screenshots

Lucky 3 Penguins VIDEO

If you like this one, you definitely would love new exciting game design version!
Slot series continues with the same funny and amusing 3D Penguin characters. They’re now throwing party at the South Pole.

Penguin Party Video Slot Game

Penguins game series are always really exciting and amusing! And now at the South Pole, we’re surrounded by cute and funny sea life characters.

Penguin Party Video Slot Game Screenshots

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