Albatross Video Slot game

On April 10, 2014

Meet the Sea captain video slot game character! Get on board and let’s sail to the open seas!

We’re happy to reveal a sneak peek of our new, exclusively and custom designed sea captain video slot game – ALBATROSS! All graphics, background, character design and animations are commissioned work for our partner Casino Technology Inc.

Albatross slot game features sea captain main character who will guide you trough a great sea journey! Restless sailors and a mysterious vintage lady follow the fly of the Albatross and trigger great wins.

Design concept gathers together the wild spirit and endless freedom in the open seas. The artistic approach combines classical 2D art illustrations with a great detail and lively animations in this very popular and beloved theme – sea adventures.

Albatross – Sea Captain Video Slot Game Screenshots

Albatross VIDEO

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